Las Vegas Parks: Local, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam & Lake Meade

Las Vegas Parks: Local, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam & Lake Meade

Las Vegas fun for kids extends beyond the city limits. Besides local parks it also includes famous State and National Parks such as Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam & Lake Meade, and Red Rock Canyon. Check out the Grand Canyon kids attractions.

Location Distance
Cost Attraction
Time Ages
Value sorted desc
Grand Canyon National Park Arizona near Nevada Off the strip $10
N.A. daynight None
5 to 16
high high Details
Zoological - Botanical Park Zoo North Rancho Drive Off the strip $5
Varies day None
3 to 16
medium high Details
Spring Mountain Ranch State Park Conservation Area West of Las Vegas Off the strip $7
Varies day None
2 to 18
medium high Details
Springs Preserve Botanical Garden / Historical Park South Valley View Blvd. Off the strip $4
Varies daynight None
2 to 16
medium high Details
Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Conservation Area West of Las Vegas Off the strip $3
Varies daynight None
4 to 18
medium high Details
Sunset Park Recreational Park Sunset Rd, Southeast Las Vegas Off the strip $0
Varies day None
All ages
medium medium Details
Lake Mead National Recreation Area Man-made Lake Boulder City Off the strip $5
Varies daynight None
7 to 16
medium medium Details
Las Vegas Sportspark Activity Park N. Rampart Blvd. Off the strip $5
Varies daynight 1.5 years
3 to 12
medium medium Details
Floyd Lamb State Park City Park Tule Springs Road Off the strip $1
Varies daynight None
1 to 16
low medium Details

Top Las Vegas Family Friendly Parks

Written by: Jamie Baker 2012

A Las Vegas trip with kids deserves a visit to the many parks located within and around this sandy town!

1. Probably best known is the Grand Canyon Park, with its diverse terrain offering majestic landscapes, stunning viewpoints, leisurely canyon rim strolls, day hikes, smooth water rafting and rugged backcountry roads for all the family to explore. This park is actually located in Arizona, 300 miles southeast of Las Vegas, but most Las Vegas Strip hotels offer fun and instructive round trip helicopter and airplane tours to it, which can take as little as 3 hours.

2. Red Rock Canyon Park is a popular national conservation area located 20 miles west of Las Vegas and named for its fossilized sand dunes, which owe their fabled color to centuries of iron oxide buildup.
Keystone Thrust Fault, with its contrasting limestone and sandstone hues, is a sight for the whole family to behold.
Hiking trails abound, some leading to cascading waterfalls. Adults and kids alike can marvel at the varied desert flora and fauna, including approximately 200 animal species, featuring mountain lions, coyotes, golden eagles, hummingbirds and wild horses. In the Visitor Center, the family can understand the geographical history of this park, see native Indian artwork and meet the resident protected tortoises!

There are also many park options for the family inside the city.

3. The Zoological - Botanical Park provides an entertaining experience for the whole family. Among the 400 endangered species, this relatively small Las Vegas zoo houses the recently added Indo-China tiger and a pair of Madagascan fossas. The zoo is interactive; visitors can feed the resident peacocks, pigeons, roosters and pygmy goats. Featuring chatty cockatoos, armored alligators and lordly lions, this Las Vegas Zoo is an ideal family outing.

4. Floyd Lamb Park: This Las Vegas Park offers families luxuriant flora and fauna with views of the Sheep and Spring Mountain Ranges. The workings of an early Las Vegas settler ranch are demonstrated to visitors.

5. Springs Preserve provides a fun family day to trek and birdwatch through a Mojave Desert Scrub ’botanical garden’. Water conservation in an urban desert environment is also explained.

6. Sunset Park: Its 27-hole disc golf course, 14-acre pond housing waterfowl and fish, remote control boating, basketball and tennis courts, fitness tracks and dedicated picnic areas will keep the whole family happy. In the Fall, the park hosts a colorful Renaissance Fair.

7. Las Vegas Sportspark: The whole family can work off those holiday indulgencies in this Las Vegas Park. Activities offered include indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, self-defense classes and karate, with aerobics and gymnastics for kids between 18 months and 6 years of age. Some league sports, including softball, are available for all ages.